gamelan gong kebyar

by Toby JamesJoy

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this is a set of recordings i made on some of the instruments of the gamelan gong kebyar. a huge thankyou to my gamelan teacher for allowing and facilitating the recording session.

the concept i wanted to explore in these recordings was the notion of instruments as subconscious agents, absorbing the energies of their interactions with humans over the decades. i hoped to create, through blindly overdubbing improvised performances, a disconnect and a sense of shifting, perhaps conflicting mindsets. i wanted to build a haunted gamelan.

in bali gamelan gong kebyar is closely related to hinduism. the instruments of the gamelan are believed by many to be conscious entities and are considered sacred. i want to make it clear that these traditional concepts and the ideas behind these recordings, are totally unrelated. this recording also contains a degree of extended technique and experimentation.

in light of these potential sensitivities i want to point out that these recordings are not intended to offend anyone, yet may cause offence. i sincerely apologise for any harm done.


released November 21, 2012

Toby JamesJoy: jegogan, reyong, gongs, ceng ceng




Toby JamesJoy Melbourne, Australia

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